Synthetic opioids like fentanyl ravaged the US during the last decade

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Hong Kong (CNN)Aroon's eyes rolled back into his head, his breath became fast and labored, and his body started to quiver.

It was a drug overdose.
Aroon had just injected what he thought was heroin with his friend Somchai, who recounted the ordeal to CNN.
Somchai said he took a larger hit but assumes his years of regular heroin use had given him a higher tolerance than Aroon. Somchai and Aroon are not their real names. CNN is using pseudonyms to protect their privacy.
Aroon was one of three people who overdosed from the same batch of drugs at the same harm reduction meeting in the Thai capital in September, said Pascal Tanguay, a Bangkok-based expert in drug issues and policy. All three survived.