5 Ways to Take Control of your Sales Pipeline

sales pipeline
1. Graphically assess the strength of your funnel

2. Scrutinize what enters your pipeline from every angle

3. Keep the pipe's spec sheet handy 

4. Conduct routine pipeline maintenance

5. Aggregate sales data for accurate forecasting

Have you ever clogged up your kitchen sink and not known why? Did you grab the plunger or did you call an expensive plumber to resolve the emergency?

Managing a sales pipeline, especially in the complex life sciences industry, can often leave you feeling like you’ve lost control and calling a plumber is the only answer.

Do you know what's in your sales pipeline? Where are deals getting stalled? If you can't locate the issue, how can you fix it?

Proper pipeline management lets you:

  • Close deals faster
  • Quickly identify pipeline obstructions
  • Accurately forecast revenue

With so much pressure to deliver accurate sales projections to senior management, pipeline clarity is essential. In this free whitepaper, we have outlined 5 simple steps to evaluating the strengths and capabilities of your sales pipeline, so hopefully, you’ll never need to call the plumber again.

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