Filter Through the Noise of Big Data!

traditional BI challenges

Traditional BI tools are often beset by a host of problems:

  • Not aligned with data abundance and complexity
  • Plagued by the silo effect
  • Kick off with a pre-set hypothesis
  • Send out "junk" alerts
  • Force you to fish for issues that require intervention

Imagine a solution that could give you a comprehensive view of your business in a single platform that combined input from the widest range of internal and external data sources: sales figures, marketing data, EDW, third party managed care data (IMS, Nielsen), formulary data, CRM, ERP, SFA, competitive figures… the more the merrier!

Break the silo effect and filter through the noise of traditional BI tools. 

In this free whitepaper, learn how Verix’s Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots) platform can provide your company with insightful analysis to significantly improve business performance.

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