Is your Managed Markets team getting the support it needs?

real-time analytics
    • Is your managed markets team equipped with real-time analytics?
    • Do they have access to the insights they need to help the brand succeed?
  • What tools are you providing so they can take care of business?

The business of marketing and selling drugs has changed. Gone are the days when the physician had complete freedom to write the drug of his choosing. When a viable generic option is unavailable, a complex decision and approval path begins.

While Sales Reps remain the vital link to the physician, the Account Managers are integral to the ultimate success of your drug.

Unfortunately, the Managed Markets team is often the last group to receive analytical support. Enabling them with the right solution, one that makes analyses automated and easy, allows them to focus on the important work of getting your drug in the best formulary position and achieve successful pull-through.

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