Leverage In-Memory Technology for Business Analytics

advanced analytics
With the amount of organizational data growing at an exponential rate, the issue of analysis and response times is becoming more and more crucial. 

Traditional Business Intelligence (BI) technology loads data onto the disk in the form of tables and multi-dimensional cubes against which queries are run – a relatively time consuming process. In contrast, in-memory data is loaded into Random Access Memory (RAM) – resulting in much faster query response times.

Access data 1,000,000 times faster than from disk!

Verix’s Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots) technology leverages in-memory capabilities to handle vast amounts of data with existing hardware resources. Furthermore, by implementing gradual filtering of the data between the different algorithmic stages and additional scalability capabilities, the Intelligent Business Alerts (HotSpots) engine is able to handle even larger amounts of data without requiring constantly increasing amounts of CPU and RAM resources.

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